2020 Global 6K for Water

May 16, 2020

This Year, We’re Going Virtual!

Join us for this year’s Global 6K! To keep participants safe against COVD-19, this year the Global 6K is going virtual. 

What does “virtual” mean? You can run the race in your neighborhood, your backyard or even on a treadmill!  To keep participants safe and follow social distancing rules, we do not recommend you race in close proximity with others.
Social gatherings may be postponed, but connectedness is not! This is a perfect opportunity to strengthen relationships, show God’s love, and bring clean water to those in need.  So instead of feeling isolated, let’s connect stronger than ever and help bring lasting change!

Why a (virtual) 6K?

Six kilometers is the average distance women and children walk for water in the developing world – water that is often contaminated with life-threatening diseases. When you walk or run the 6K, you provide life-changing clean water to one person in need. And since the race is virtual this year, you are welcome to walk in your neighborhood, your backyard, or even on a treadmill!

6K Teens

Event Details

The “official” start time is 9am, but since this race is virtual you can start whenever you like. There will be a brief pre-race Zoom “rally cry” message to get racers motivated and excited, and then we’re off! During the race, we encourage you to do Facebook Live, Instagram, Zoom, take a video, or post some action selfies using #faith6krun to inspire others! Have fun creating your own 6K race route using tools like MapMyRun or Strava.

Can’t run on May 16? No problem? Just complete your virtual race anytime between April 20 – May 16. Be sure to share your results, stories, photos or videos on social media using #faith6krun. We’d love to share your success with you!

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